EPA Announces $375M in Funding New Recycling, Reuse and Waste Prevention Grant Programs and Initiatives

The Biden-Harris Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced $375 million in funding for new recycling, reuse and waste prevention programs.

According to the EPA, the $375 million in Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding will develop several new initiatives, including a Solid Waste Infrastructure for Recycling grant program, a Recycling Education and Outreach grant program, a Model Recycling Program toolkit, as well as provide funding to compile best practices for battery collection, recycling, and labeling guidelines.

For example, through the education and outreach grants, EPA can fund projects such as public service announcements, advertising campaigns, and the development and dissemination of recycling program toolkits. These activities will enable the Agency to improve consumer education and outreach on how to recycle right, reduce contamination in the recycling stream, produce higher quality recycled materials, and advance a circular economy. A circular economy reduces material use, redesigns materials to be less resource intensive, and recaptures “waste” as a resource to manufacture new materials and products. 

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