Countdown To The Election: Infrastructure Spending

The first presidential debate of the 2016 election season was held last week to much fanfare and record-breaking viewership. In her opening comments Secretary Clinton said she wanted to invest in the future, which includes jobs in infrastructure. In fact, that is one thing the candidates didn’t argue about, as both agree greater spending on infrastructure is needed. And that makes sense given how woefully neglected our nation’s infrastructure has been – and how positive it can be for the US economy going forward. In 2012 the Department of the Treasury along with the Council of Economic Advisers published a report entitled “A New Economic Analysis of Infrastructure Investment.” The report advocated for greater infrastructure spending, but underscored that it’s not only the short-term benefits in terms of job creation, as Secretary Clinton focused on. Rather, it’s the long-term economic benefits to the country, especially the private sector.


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