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Welcome to the summer issue of American Infrastructure magazine! We’re excited for this issue, as we’ve worked hard to pull together a peerless collection of projects and experts for our Public Works Expo attendees and exhibitor readers.

Chief among our list of contributors, we’re lucky enough to count three government officials, sharing messages from their respective territories. We have Governor Asa Hutchinson’s message from the great state of Arkansas, where multiple notable infrastructure projects are under way; we have Mayor Betsy Hodges of Minneapolis, who walks us through some of the challenging infrastructure decisions she’s proud of her city for making this past year; and last but not least, we have City Manager Troy Schulte of Kansas City, Mo. sharing how his city is taking their ideas for the DOT’s Smart City Challenge, for which his city was a finalist, and making them a reality despite not taking home the grand prize.

From a dam overhaul and retrofit in California to a major transportation hub in New York City, our featured projects span the country quite literally coast to coast. But we didn’t forget the fly-over states. We have an explosive bridge story set in Missouri, and the brand new U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota that is now an indelible piece of the city skyline.

If you’re attending PWX this year, be sure to read Phillip Meis’ column on 3-D utility engineering and then attend his seminar where you can be ready to ask pointed questions on the topic. The same goes for Peter Trinh, who’s tackling the incorporation of bike lanes as the new standard in transportation. Although not a speaker, make sure to check out Susan Story’s column on water infrastructure funding. She knows a thing or two about water infrastructure, seeing as how she’s the president and CEO of American Water.

And before you put the magazine down, don’t miss this issue’s featured interview with Brian Usher, PWLF, President of the American Public Works Association. He points out some serious points of contention in the world of infrastructure and has a call to action for anyone interested in politics this year (which is everyone, right?).

An enormous thank you to all of our contributors, who really are what make this magazine great. As always, if you have a comment or anything else you’d like to share, please get in touch—we’re only an email away!

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