DOE – $30M To Remove Carbon Dioxide From the Air and Oceans and Convert It to Valuable Products

The U.S. Department of Energy announced $30 million in funding towards the research of removing pollutants from the air and oceans and convert it into products.

According to National Energy Technology Laboratory, projects selected under this funding opportunity announcement (FOA) will perform conceptual design studies followed by field validations of cost-effective processes for ocean-based carbon capture and for direct air capture of CO2 coupled with carbon-free hydrogen and captured CO2 to create carbon-neutral methanol, a chemical building block for many valuable products. Selected projects will support the cost and performance goals of DOE’s Carbon Negative Shot initiative, which calls for innovation in CDR pathways that will capture CO2 from the atmosphere and permanently store it at meaningful scales for less than $100/net metric ton of CO2-equivalent.

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