DOE Study of “Supergrid” and the Lower Cost of Renewables

The Department of Energy detailed how the Supergrid could significantly lower the costs of renewable energy.

According to Energy News Network, the DOE released a statement last week highlighting a September paper from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) on the NREL study’s major conclusions — the first time the lab’s findings were formally published. IEEE’s report titled “The Interconnections Seam Study” showed how Sun Belt solar power could be delivered to the Midwest at dusk. Later, the study shows, electricity flows could be reversed to move Great Plains wind power westward. The paper includes animations showing how electricity could move seamlessly across time zones. NREL also notes the shifting climate. The need to swiftly recover after extreme weather causes major power outages is another reason to strengthen grid connections. Every dollar invested in new transmission would create as much as $2.50 in value by increasing access to cheaper power, NREL estimated.

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