Dependence on limited U.S. infrastructure is way too high

An awful lot has been said over the past week about the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Standing Rock Sioux. On a related note, very little has been said on the closure of another pipeline after a fatal accident early this week in Alabama. But the impact on the East Coast will be felt even here in West Virginia. Last Monday, when a track hoe struck Colonial Pipeline’s Line No. 1 in Shelby County, Alabama, it compromised access to gasoline for nearly half of the Eastern Seaboard. In a time where the United States’ dependence on foreign oil is at an all-time low — 25 percent, the lowest it has been since 1970 and far below the peak in 2005 when the U.S. was importing 60 percent of its oil — we certainly have made huge strides. Our dependence on foreign oil is low, but our dependence on limited infrastructure is high.


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