Cuomo’s Newest Infrastructure Promise: A $10 Billion JFK Overhaul

Over tinkling flatware at a Wednesday luncheon for the Association for a Better New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo made his second large investment announcement in two days—and the second without a specified public funding source. On the heels of his pledge to provide full scholarships to low and middle-income students attending CUNY and SUNY schools, the Governor announced his intention to overhaul John F. Kennedy Airport: the terminal itself, as well as the highways and modes of public transit that lead to it. In addition to new lanes of traffic at “choke points” on the Van Wyck Expressway and at the Kew Gardens Interchange approaching the airport, Cuomo turned over the podium to outgoing MTA Chairman Tom Prendergast to announce two possible public transit options: expanded capacity on the AirTrain to JFK—longer trains, more frequent departures—or a considerably more expensive “one seat” ride from Manhattan to JFK, eliminating the AirTrain transfer altogether. Prendergast said the MTA would conduct a study on the latter option.


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