Crumbling Capital: Amid Crumbling Infrastructure, Potholes Serve As Warning Sign

The region’s roads and bridges are slowly deteriorating under the weight of constant traffic and years of deferred maintenance. In the second installment of WTOP’s Crumbling Capital series, Dave Dildine takes a look a few that exemplify the state of the area’s infrastructure. A chunk of concrete falls off a crumbling bridge, slamming into a car windshield; there are weight limits on a major Potomac River crossing; and a busy commuter route is closed for months. These are just a few examples of the region’s disintegrating and underfunded transportation infrastructure. In early 2015, a loose chunk of concrete plummeted onto a woman’s car as she drove under the Capital Beltway. It broke loose from a decades-old bridge in Morningside, Maryland.


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