Colorado is front and center in the nation’s infrastructure debate

A rare point of agreement between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is infrastructure investment. Both presidential candidates promise to convince a recalcitrant Congress to spend more on projects that could, among other things, ease transportation gridlock, improve water systems, raise bandwidth, improve the electric grid and, in the long run, increase productivity. Colorado is no bystander in this debate. When it comes to big publicly funded capital projects, we are often held up as one of the nation’s best examples of what can work. In the 1990s, Denver International Airport was the poster child for infrastructure spending, as it helped lift the local economy that had been devastated by the 1980s oil and real estate busts.  In the same era, public funding for Platte Valley improvements set the stage for LoDo’s revival, while bond issues for schools, parks and libraries positioned the rest of Denver for growth.


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