City To Turn To Advisory Panel To Study Water, Sewer Issues

Mayor Bill Peduto wants to empanel a financial and legal advisory team to strengthen the services of the beleaguered Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority. The announcement came Friday, a day after PWSA lifted a flush-and-boil advisory that affected some 100,000 Pittsburghers. City Council has called on state officials to look into the authority. Mr. Peduto said he supports that effort. “The City of Pittsburgh owns the water and sewer system that was leased to the PWSA decades ago. It’s time to re-evaluate this structure,” Mr. Peduto said in a statement. “After systemic problems with inadequate billing, lead in our service lines and this week’s flush-and-boil-water advisory, the city has the duty to find new ways to improve our water services and create the safe, effective and sustainable water authority our residents deserve.”


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