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Cities Everywhere are Preparing for Resilient Infrastructure Initiatives

As the country and its economy slowly begins to reopen, cities across the globe are putting a focus on certain infrastructure aspects to help set up for a more sustainable and resilient future. This includes, but is not limited to, expanding pedestrian and cycling spaces, promoting green space usage, and an emphasis on renewable energy.

Expanding pedestrian and cycling space not only gives citizens a space for exercise, it reduces the need for cars in a certain area, thus lowering carbon emissions. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has even gone as far as planning to close of 40 miles of roads in New York City.

In a recent Harvard study, researchers found that pollution can cause higher death rates from COVID-19. Having green space such as parks with trees or gardens is a beneficial plan for keeping air quality up. That same Harvard study also mentions the need for renewable energy and its ability to help cut carbon emissions.

Setting ourselves up for a healthier future is key to getting through this pandemic, and it starts with improving infrastructure everywhere.

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