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CISA Unveils Cybersecurity Strategic Plan for Next 3 Years

Following the release of the Biden administration’s his implementation plan for the national cybersecurity strategy, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released its fiscal 2024-2026 strategic plan. The plans in this release are to support more of an active focus on response to immediate threats, while also calling for pushing the tech sector to embrace secure-by-design development methods.

“We know that connected technologies underpin every aspect of our lives, our businesses, our communities, our families, often in ways that allow us to be more connected, productive, efficient than ever before,” Eric Goldstein, executive assistant director at CISA wrote in a blog post. “But malicious cyber actors recognize this dependence as well, and continuously work to exploit it for financial or strategic gain.”

According to Cybersecurity Dive, the CISA plan revolves around three goals:

  • Address immediate threats: Work with partners to gain greater visibility into cyber intrusions, disrupt those campaigns and evict the adversaries.
  • Harden the terrain: Support measures to adopt strong security practices and boost resilience, using actionable guidance. Evaluate the progress made to harden potential targets, including critical infrastructure.
  • Drive security at scale: Push industry to make security a priority, including the development of security that is embedded into products throughout the lifecycle. Products need to ship with secure defaults and technology companies must be transparent about the ongoing security of their products.

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