California must act on water security now

Water security is an urgent issue for California that requires immediate and effective action. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, in 2014-15 more than 95 percent of our $43 billion agricultural sector experienced severe, extreme, or exceptional drought. Devastating wildfires have spiked across the state, displacing hundreds of families and draining our emergency reserve funds. The prolonged drought has been a wake up call for California and the rest of America that we need both immediate action and a long-term water supply policy. Sustained relief from California’s drought crisis won’t be an easy fix, but I believe we will overcome this challenge by harnessing the strength, innovation and sense of community that have always made California great. Investing now in common-sense water infrastructure projects for each geographic region of California will benefit our environment and provide long-term savings to taxpayers. Fair and responsible distribution of our limited water resources among California’s regions is fundamental to success. “Us versus them” thinking will frustrate action and produce self-defeating behavior.


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