Builder.Media joins 7th annual National Infrastructure Week

Infrastructure Week – May 13-20,2019 – is a weeklong series of events raising awareness for our country’s infrastructure needs. Let’s #BuildForTomorrow. Starting now.

Newport Beach, Calif. – Today, Builder.Media announced its participation in the annual national advocacy and educational event, Infrastructure Week, which will take place from May 13-20, 2019. Across the country, hundreds of businesses, labor organizations, elected officials, and more will come together to spread the message that we must #BuildForTomorrow. Investing in infrastructure is consistently one of the issues with the strongest bipartisan support from voters, with more supporters wanting action from government on infrastructure than almost any other issue. Builder.Media is consistently working with infrastructure organizations and advocates, covering innovative projects, and promoting sustainable infrastructure solutions. Builder.Media has a bi-monthly magazine devoted to infrastructure solutions: American Infrastructure Magazine.

When it comes to agreeing on a national vision for infrastructure, and a plan to pay for it, we have a long way to go. Regional projects with implications for the national economy are not getting the funding they need. And state and local projects that depend, even partly, on federal funding, loans, permitting, and new regulatory action, are not breaking ground. False starts, delayed starts, deferred maintenance, and inadequate levels of investment are putting our infrastructure, our health and safety, and our economy at risk. Cities, counties, states, and the private sector are working hard, but need a strong, reliable federal partner to get the job done.

Now in its seventh year, led by a coalition of labor, business, and policy organizations, and joined by hundreds of affiliates nationwide, Infrastructure Week is uniting everyone to send one message to leaders in Washington and beyond: Let’s #BuildForTomorrow.

“Builder.Media advocates for infrastructure professionals, funding, and sustainability,” stated Julia Edinger of Builder.Media. “Through our publication, American Infrastructure Magazine, our newsletter, A.I. Weekly, our social media platforms, and our involvement with industry professionals, we consistently seek to improve and advance the nation’s commitment to innovative, sustainable infrastructure. This is our commitment to the industry — on Infrastructure Week and every other week.”

“We are thrilled that Builder.Media is joining Infrastructure Week. The state of America’s infrastructure is one of the most pressing issues facing us as a nation. The benefits of a stronger, better infrastructure system could be immense, but we urgently need political courage and leadership on this issue,” said Zach Schafer, Executive Director of Infrastructure Week. “During Infrastructure Week, we bring together the public and private sector to encourage lawmakers to think long-term, and invest in infrastructure at the federal, state and local level.”


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