Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Announced by Biden

President Biden has agreed to a bipartisan deal on infrastructure. This announcement comes after Republican and Democratic senators announced that a bipartisan agreement had been made between 10 senators and White House officials.

The new agreement was finally reached after tense negotiations, strategy changes to achieve bipartisanship by President Biden and multiple counterproposals from Republicans and President Biden himself. 

Since announcing the American Jobs Plan, a roughly $2 trillion bill to fund massive infrastructure repairs and upgrades, Republicans, and even some Democrats, in both the House and Senate have disapproved of the details within the plan.

Republicans disagreed with President Biden’s broader definition of what is considered infrastructure, the amount that each category within the plan was given and, most importantly, how those funds were going to be procured.

According to an article by Kate Sullivan and Phil Mattingly on CNN, “this proposal is significantly less than what Biden had initially proposed. The President initially put forward a $2.25 trillion plan to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure and shift to greener energy over the next eight years. But after their late-night meeting on Wednesday with White House officials, Democratic leaders said they planned to move forward with a much larger Democratic-only approach to dramatically expand the social safety plan in addition to the bipartisan infrastructure plan.”

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