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65 Former Governors and Mayors Support Bipartisan Deal

According to The Hill, a plethora of former mayors and governors have shown their support for the Senate’s bipartisan infrastructure deal Wednesday, calling the legislation as “the largest long-term infrastructure investment in nearly a century.”

“As former elected Mayors and Governors, we understand how crucially important it is to improve and modernize America’s infrastructure,” the 65 former leaders wrote in a statement according to Axios.

However, Senate Republicans warned that a vote that would decide on whether or not to proceed to debate on the measure would fail, as they’re not willing to move forward until differences have been ironed out.

“Democrats are also putting together a separate $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package for their infrastructure plan, which will include proposals related to climate change, child care and a number of other issues,” said The Hill’s Mychael Schnell in the article. “Republicans are opposed to that measure, but Democrats are hoping to use special budget rules that will prevent the legislation from being blocked by a filibuster and allow it to pass on a party-line vote.”

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