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Bipartisan House Group Supports Infrastructure Deal

The bipartisan House group, the Problem Solvers Caucus, has come out in support of the infrastructure deal negotiated by a group of bipartisan senators and supported by President Biden.

The group, which includes 29 Democrats and 29 Republicans, has also called for an “expeditious, stand-alone vote” on the proposal, according to an article by Grace Segers for CBS News.

Their support of the senate infrastructure deal is unsurprising as the deal is very similar to the bipartisan House group’s own proposed policy suggestions for an infrastructure deal, which they released earlier this year.

The 58 representatives provide considerable support for the deal within the House, as President Biden makes the case for the deal with the American people by touring numerous states to garner support.

“The bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus strongly supports the Senate infrastructure framework, which is closely aligned with our own ‘Building Bridges’ proposal released last month,” the caucus said in a statement, as quoted in the article by Segers. “In light of the bipartisan, bicameral genesis of the framework, we encourage an expeditious, stand-alone vote in the House and thank our bipartisan Senate partners and the Biden Administration for working so closely with us to demonstrate that cooperation is still possible in Washington.”

This announced support comes just days after the House passed a $715 billion transportation and water infrastructure bill called the INVEST in America Act. With the bipartisan House group now announcing their support, the infrastructure deal seems to be finding an easier path to passage.

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