Biden’s $5B Plan to Eliminate America’s EV Charging Deserts

To reach President Biden’s electrical vehicle goal, EV charging stations need to be placed everywhere, including the middle of nowhere Montana.

According to Bloomberg, eager to lure Americans from their gas-burning cars, Biden’s administration is planning a nationwide network of 500,000 charging stations linking urban and rural areas coast to coast. Last year’s infrastructure law set aside $5 billion to build it. Along interstate highways and other major roads, the feds want a station every 50 miles, with at least four charging ports apiece — ones that will add electrons relatively quickly. States, which will play a major role in deciding where those chargers go, face an Aug. 1 deadline to tell the federal government how they would like to spend the money. Each state’s share of the funding, slated for distribution starting this fall, will be equal to their portion of annual federal highway spending.

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