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Biden To Reveal Major Infrastructure Bill

President Biden’s administration has announced that the president is planning to unveil his major multi-trillion jobs and infrastructure bill this upcoming week in Pennsylvania. The reveal will take place on March 31 in the city of Pittsburgh.

The reveal comes after weeks of talks within the administration to determine what will be included in the bill and how much funds would be appropriated to each item.

For many Republicans in Congress, the issue of how the funds for this bill, which is rumored to cost $3 trillion, will be garnered is a major issue. It is said that the administration has looked at everything from raising taxes on investment income to tax hikes for corporations in order to fund this major legislation.

All this is part of what President Biden calls his “Build Back Better” plan, his strategy of how his administration plans to restart and reimagine the country.

According to an article written by Elliott Davis for U.S. News & World Report, “the plan is expected to contain a multi-faceted approach beyond just building and restoring bridges, highways and roads. It is reported to also include funding for clean energy, electric vehicle charging stations and other climate change solutions.”

As of now, the administration is staying mum on the details of the trip. This major legislation joins a slurry of other infrastructure-focused legislation that has been introduced into Congress.

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