Biden Proposes Reduced Plan

During a press conference White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced a reduced $1.7 trillion infrastructure plan that President Biden made in hopes of reaching a bipartisan deal with Republicans.

According to an article by Lisa Mascaro and Jonathan Lemire (AP) reprinted by The Press Democrat, the proposal “exhibits a willingness to come down in size,” as stated by Psaki.

This offer of a reduction in funds sought was a method employed by Biden and his team to try to keep bipartisan talks going, as the August deadline for the bill comes closer and both Republicans and Democrats wonder if reaching a deal will be possible.

The new offer, which was a $550 billion reduction from the original $2.3 trillion dollar American Jobs Plan delineated by President Biden, is still significantly higher than the Republican counterproposal, which came out to $568 billion.

While Democrats have wondered if the methods utilized to pass the American Relief Plan, which had no Republican support, will need to be employed to pass this infrastructure plan, President Biden is still firm on his desire for bipartisanship, holding multiple talks with top GOP members. 

According to that same article by Mascaro and Lemire, “Psaki said the new proposal drops the president’s proposed expenditures on broadband as well as roads, bridges and other major investments to meet the Republicans’ lower level. She said the administration’s proposal also involved “shifting investments in research and development, supply chains, manufacturing and small business” out of the infrastructure talks, since they could be considered elsewhere, noting in Endless Frontiers Act, which is a separate bipartisan bill pending in the Senate.”

In terms of numbers and specifics, $35 billion was reduced from broadband, $39 billion was reduced from transportation and $480 billion in research and development funds were cut all together.

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