Biden Pushes Infrastructure Bill While Touring Storm-Destructed New York and New Jersey

President Biden stresses the need for infrastructure spending after Visiting the East Coast on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, President Biden traveled to multiple cities in both New York and New Jersey to examine the damage from Hurricane Ida that resulted in devastating flash flooding last week. The President stressed the need for extensive infrastructure spending correlating the hurricane to the effects of climate change. In August, the Senate passed the bipartisan infrastructure bill, allocating $550 billion in new federal spending to repair roads, bridges, rail transportation and water infrastructure. The bill now remains before the House, which voted last month to advance, while also setting a September 27 deadline to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill and get it directly to the president.

According to an article by CBS News, the president also urged that swift action should be taken to take on climate change. Mentioning that scientists have warned that climate change will continue to make weather extreme.

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