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Biden Offers to Lower His Infrastructure Price Tag

According to an article at CNN, President Joe Biden has brought down his proposed infrastructure package price down to $1 trillion in hopes of striking bipartisan agreement. The original amount had equated to $2.3 trillion, and was dubbed the American Jobs Plan.Additionally, the President wants to ensure that it amounts to “new money,” meaning it would not be coming from funds that have already been approved by Congress.

The move comes after the soft deadline of Memorial Day passed, as both parties have found themselves far apart in coming to an agreement for some time now.

For the past few weeks, President Biden has held numerous meetings with GOP leaders in an effort to achieve bipartisan support for the plan…,” reported CNN’s Manu Raju, Maegan Vazquez, Phil Mattingly and Kaitlan Collins. “Republicans have fought against his expanded definition of infrastructure.”

“The idea was explicitly engineered not to cross the central GOP redline, the source added, and, paired with a topline number that has been dropped by more than $1 trillion, represents the clearest effort yet to try and bridge a cap between the two sides that has hardly narrowed despite weeks of discussions,” the article read.

Biden met with Republican Sen. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, however talks were only described as “constructive and frank,” according to a White House official, while Republicans are considering making another counteroffer on Friday.

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