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Biden Attempts to Garner Support for Infrastructure Deal

After announcing the newly formed bipartisan deal, President Biden is now hitting the road to attempt to garner support for the infrastructure deal, with his first stop being La Crosse, Wisconsin.

The stop in Wisconsin proved to be a calculated decision as, according to an article by Christopher Wilson and Brittney Shepherd for Yahoo! News, Democratic-friendly La Crosse County voted for President Biden by over 10 points during the 2020 general election.

Seemingly mimicking the strategy the President and his administration employed to help garner support for his COVID-relief bill the American Rescue Plan, President Biden is attempting to make the case for why the dialed-down infrastructure plan is needed.

Despite having no Congressional Republican support for the bill and Democrats having to use the fast-tracked budget approval process known as reconciliation to pass the American Rescue Plan, a Politico/Morning Consult poll found that 75% of Americans polled supported the legislation. Due in part to President Biden’s public touting of the plan.

“This deal isn’t just the sum of its parts. It’s a signal to ourselves, and to the world, that American democracy can come through and deliver for all our people,” Biden said in Wisconsin, at the Washington Beltway, as quoted in the article by Wilson and Shepherd.

“I’m going to be out there making the case for the American people until this job is done, until we bring this bipartisan bill home,” Biden added.

The road will be difficult as Democrats argue that they will not sign off on the deal without the “human infrastructure” accompanying it, while GOP members like Senator Mitch McConnell call on Democrats to unlink the two bills, according to an article by Jacob Pramuk for CNBC.

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