Atkins study finds green infrastructure could save US $5bn in flood losses

The US could save as much as $5 billion in avoided flood losses from 2020 to 2040 if it were to increase the use of green infrastructure in new developments, a report prepared by Atkins and published by the US EPA has found. The report calculates the use of green infrastructure in new developments could save up to $700 million a year saved in flood losses. If stormwater solutions such as SuDS (sustainable urban drainage solutions) and vegetated roof systems were retrofitted to existing buildings, the savings would be even higher, the study found. The report is the first in the US to quantify the impact of GI on the damage caused by flooding. “The report helps start a holistic conversation about rainwater and floodwater management that links water quality improvements and the flood losses that can be avoided by implementing green infrastructure,” said Dan Medina, Atkins’ technical director and lead EPA report author.


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