American Society Of Civil Engineers Grades Tennessee Infrastructure A “C”

The Tennessee Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers on Tuesday released its 2016 Report Card for Tennessee’s Infrastructure, grading 10 categories of the state’s infrastructure, resulting in an overall grade point average of “C.” A team of professional engineers from across Tennessee assessed the 10 categories, including Aviation (B-), Bridges (B), Dams (D), Drinking Water (C), Inland Waterways (C-), Parks (C), Roads (C+), Schools (C-), Transit (D+) and Wastewater (D+). The last Report Card for Tennessee’s Infrastructure, released in 2009, also gave the state’s infrastructure a GPA of “C.” “Tennessee’s infrastructure is at a crossroads of exploding population growth, aging infrastructure, and inadequate funding,” said Monica Sartain, chair, Tennessee Infrastructure Report Card Committee. “To live up to our nickname, ‘America at its best,’ we need more than mediocre infrastructure; we need sustainable, strategic solutions and investments across all categories of infrastructure.”


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