Boston and San Francisco Most ‘Active Living Cities’ in the U.S., Report Finds

To combat the growing obesity epidemic in the U.S., cities across the country have been promoting more physical activity among city residents with bike paths, sidewalks and green spaces. Cites in various parts of the country may pride themselves on having the “best” bikes lanes, public transportation systems or park spaces, but a new report ranked which cities have been most successful in helping residents live active lives. Researchers from Gallup in partnership with Healthways, a company that says it uses science to encourage healthier behavior, examined infrastructure data from 48 U.S. cities and their surrounding areas. They assessed which cities had the highest “active living environments,” by measuring bike lanes, parks, public transit and the degree to which each city was walkable. In reviewing the 149,938 telephone interviews that Gallup conducted with U.S. adults, they also looked at corresponding health effects of those environments.