$158 million in low-interest loans awarded for water infrastructure investment

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is awarding $158 million in low-interest loans to 15 projects for improvements to water system infrastructure around the state. The loans are part of the state’s 30-year Water Strategy for the protection and use of the state’s water resources. “It’s essential to keep our waters clean from sources in groundwater, lakes and rivers to end-of-pipe delivery points to sustain the ecosystem and provide high-quality resources to our citizens,” said Jon Allan, director of the state’s Office of the Great Lakes. The loans will go primarily toward improvement projects in southeast Michigan. The full list of awards is below. The loans are part of the third phase of the Water Strategy, which outlines goals for protecting Michigan’s water quality, restoring areas of pollution, investing in green and gray infrastructure and innovating water technology to improve drinking water and wastewater systems.


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